Celtic Music: A Complete List of the Best Irish Music Online

Celtic music online
I've compiled an extensive list of some of the best Celtic music online categorized by Celtic artist. This list also includes Irish tunes, Irish folk songs, traditional Irish music, and more! What is Celtic Music? Celtic music defines a wide range of musical compositions that may have originated from different places across Western Europe, including Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. The term...

Bodhran Tippers For Sale: Best Tipper For Beginners

Bodhran Tippers For Sale - A Tipper Review
Behind every great bodhran player is a great bodhran tipper! A tipper, sometimes called a beater or a cipín, is a small, wooden baton-shaped instrument used to play the bodhran by striking it in a rhythmic fashion creating brilliant Irish tunes. Most bodhran players hold the tipper like a pencil while playing their drums. In this article, we'll be exploring the best bodhran tippers...

Bodhran Pronunciation: How to Pronounce Bodhran Properly

Bodhran Pronunciation
The bodhran is undoubtedly one of the most iconic instruments in Irish music hailing from the beautiful country of Ireland. It is also one of the most difficult to pronounce for non-native speakers due to its spelling. Many people struggle to find the correct way of pronouncing this instrument's very Irish name, but in this article, you will learn the...

Bodhran For Sale: A Buyer’s Guide

Bodhran For Sale - A Buyer's Guide
 If you're looking for a bodhran for sale online, then this bodhran buyer's guide may be of assistance to you! The bodhran is a traditional Irish frame drum, most popular in Celtic music. The cross braces and laminated rosewood of this musical instrument offers support to its goatskin cover. The bodhran is a fun instrument to play even for...

How to Play the Bodhran For Beginners: 5 Basic Steps

How to Play the Bodhran - Celtic Music Instruments
Learning how to play the bodhran can be a challenge for anyone just starting out, so I've tried to make things easier by giving beginners 5 easy steps to follow to get them started playing their bodhrans right away. Dubbed the heartbeat of Irish music, the bodhran is an ancient frame drum originally made with goatskin for the head and wood...

How to Play the Celtic Harp: A Beginner’s Guide

Playing the Celtic Harp
It is believed that the sound of the Celtic harp, sometimes called the lever harp or folk harp, is so melodious that it is akin to the music heard in the heavens. With deep roots in the traditional history of Ireland, the Celtic harp is a rather simple looking wire strung Celtic musical instrument that requires one to possess great skill and the patience...

How to Play the Concertina: A Simple Guide For Beginners

How to Play the Concertina - man playing with an old grunge concertina near the brick wall
Similar to various accordions and harmonicas, the concertina is a free-reed musical instrument with buttons and bellows on both ends. The concertina was invented in Germany and England independently along the same timeline. The first English concertina was developed by Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1829 while its German counterpart was invented five years later by Carl Friedrich Uhlig in...

How to Play the Hammered Dulcimer: 5 Simple Steps

How to Play the Hammered Dulcimer
Looking to learn how to play the hammered dulcimer? First, let's explore where this fantastic instrument came from. The hammered dulcimer was invented in the Middle East somewhere around 900 A.D. and was brought to North America by way of Europe during the 12th Century by the Spanish Moors. However, legend has it that the hammered dulcimer existed in Ireland even before...

How to Play the Tin Whistle: 5 Easy Steps

How to Play the Tin Whistle - Hands playing an original Irish tin whistle
The tin whistle, popularly known as the penny whistle, is considered by many to be the most recognizable instrument within Irish traditional music. In England, it is recognized by various names like the Clarke London flageolet, the Irish whistle, the Scottish penny whistle, and the English flageolet. The tin whistle is quite similar to the Native American flute and belongs to...

Bodhran Page: History of the Irish Drum

The Irish Drum Bodhran
The bodhran (pronounced "bow-rawn"), or simply the Irish drum, is an Irish frame drum measuring 12 to 24 inches in diameter and a depth between 4 to 8 inches. Its body is usually a hard, circular wooden or plastic piece. Normally, people make the bodhran drum using goat skin, however, modern bodhrans have been made using other animal skins as well...

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