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Behind every great bodhran player is a great bodhran tipper! A tipper, sometimes called a beater or a cipín, is a small, wooden baton-shaped instrument used to play the bodhran by striking it in a rhythmic fashion creating brilliant Irish tunes. Most bodhran players hold the tipper like a pencil while playing their drums. In this article, we’ll be exploring the best bodhran tippers for sale on the web and where to find them including cheap tippers and the highest quality tippers made by individuals.

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Budget Bodhran Tippers For Sale

These are the tippers that you can start off using if you’re not willing to invest in a more expensive tipper. Many players have a wide variety of different tippers for different playing styles, so it’s not uncommon to have a combination of expensive and cheaper bodhran tippers. While these tippers aren’t the BEST quality (bodhran players can be quite picky with their tippers), they are still really nice and have very high reviews on Amazon. Here are five of the best cheap bodhran tippers for beginners:

#1 Best Budget Bodhran Tipper For Beginners

Roosebeck Double Sloped Knob Tipper


  • Crafted from high quality hardwood
  • Slopes prevent tipper from slipping out of hand
  • Long enough to easily play triplets

If there ever were a perfect cheap bodhran tipper for beginners and pros alike, this would be it. This tipper leaves very little room to complain as its sleek, beautifully hand-crafted design comes with slopes on each side which help keep the tipper from slipping out of the hand making it perfect for a beginner. It is also slightly longer than most tippers which helps bodhran pros get their triplets in with style. A fantastic tipper, this is easily the best Amazon has to offer.

#2 Great Bodhran Tipper For Beginners

Roosebeck Sloped Knob Tipper


  • Made from quality hardwood
  • Comfortable in hand
  • Inexpensive


  • Might be a little heavy for beginners
  • Low price could indicate that it won’t last as long as other more expensive, higher quality tippers

This bodhran tipper is great for more experienced players as it feels super comfortable in the hand and has some weight on it allowing players to producing thicker sounds. Due to it being slightly heavier than most tippers, this stick might be too heavy for beginners as there have been complaints that a heavier tipper can cause wrist strain for inexperienced players. Still, despite its setbacks this beater makes a great addition to your tipper collection!


#3 Top Bodhran Tipper For Beginners

Meinl Percussion FDT1 Ash Wood Bodhran Tipper


  • Light-weight
  • Smooth
  • Easy to use


  • Might feel a bit uncomfortable in the hand due to the large part in the middle of the tipper
  • Low price could indicate that it won’t last as long as other more expensive, higher quality tippers

A great tipper to get started with, this stick is well balanced and brushes nicely against the bodhran. It is light-weight and very easy to play with. The only downside that I’ve seen is that it may feel a bit uncomfortable due to a large bulge in the middle of the beater, but other than that this tipper is a great cheap tipper to play with!


#4 Bodhran Tipper For Beginners

Meinl Percussion FDT3 Ash Wood Bodhran Tipper


  • Light-weight
  • Inexpensive
  • Longer length makes it easier to play rolls


  • The dark paint may come off while using it
  • Low price could indicate that it won’t last as long as other more expensive, higher quality tippers

This beautiful tipper is a great addition to anyone’s tipper collection. Its light-weight design coupled with its longer-than-normal length allows experienced players to play fantastic sounding triplets and rolls. The only complaint worth mentioning is that this tipper’s logo in the middle of the stick can sometimes rub off while playing. Despite this odd complaint, the tipper still has an overwhelmingly positive amount of feedback due to its quality design.


#5 Bodhran Tipper For Beginners

Roosebeck Knob Tipper with Off-Center Groove


  • Balanced
  • Great for doing rolls and triplets
  • Inexpensive


  • Might be too heavy for beginners; can possibly hurt your wrist
  • Low price could indicate that it won’t last as long as other more expensive, higher quality tippers

As with the regular single sloped tipper, this tipper has a slight weight issue that has been complained about by users. Despite this minor setback, this well-balanced tipper is still a great stick to use for rolls and triplets and its added weight can give your bodhran playing a deeper, thicker sound.

Best Bodhran Tippers Designed By Tipper Makers

If you’re looking higher quality, more expensive bodhran beaters then your best bet would be to go with an independent bodhran tipper maker. The reason why these tippers tend to be better quality than ones listed on Amazon is that they aren’t mass produced and are individually crafted by players, for players. Here are a few fantastic bodhran tipper makers that have been suggested by bodhran players as some of the best in the market:

Falconwood Tippers

Designed by Gordon Falconer of the Netherlands, his high quality tippers are each individually handmade and are treated with natural oil then finished with a blend of natural beeswax and carnuaba wax giving the tippers their beautiful shine.[1] Gordon’s tippers aren’t cheap, but they will last you a long time and his tippers are some of the most used and recognized among the bodhran player community. Falconwood Tippers ship worldwide, so check them out if you’re ready to grow your tipper collection with tippers of the highest quality!

Stephan Moises

Stephan Moises of Germany makes some of the most fantastic looking tippers I’ve seen. He uses ebony, snakewood, and macassar to create these fantastic looking tippers. His tippers have a huge influence on the overall grip and feel of the tipper in your hand while you’re playing, and each are hand crafted to perfection! Check his website out at and see all the different types of tippers he has in stock!

Brian’s Bodhran Beaters

Made in Minnesota, Brian’s Bodhran Beaters makes fantastic quality beaters that sell fast! Brian sells his tippers on eBay and they are very popular among bodhran playing communities. Like his page on Facebook to stay up-to-date with his latest tippers for sale.

Best Tippers By David J. Draeger

David J. Draeger of has a great selection of high quality bodhran beaters for sale on his website. His tippers include rod-tip tippers, soft-tip tippers, and even a tipper and brush set. You can order his tippers straight off his website!


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